Funny Jokes – John McCain for President 2008

John McCain for President

Funny Jokes

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I heard on the radio on 550 KFYI in Phoenix Arizona that there is a spreading phenomenon, at least in the greater Phoenix Arizona area. According to a caller to the JD Hayworth Show, there are many people who feel they can’t vote for anyone but John McCain because they have been left with no choice

Many of these people do not agree with McCain’s positions on various things but feel that the alternative is far worse.

To show that they are voting for McCain but are doing so under protest, these people are putting John McCain bumper stickers on their cars upside down and putting yard signs in their yard upside down.

It appears to be spreading as people stop and ask – “Do you know that your bumper sticker (or yard sign) is upside down? ” and are told why. Some people even put a note on their yard sign to explain it to anyone who stops by to be helpful and turn the sign around.

John McCain For President 2008

John McCain For President


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